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HCHC Academy (2022-2023)


HCHC Academy is based out of Columbia Maryland and is a program that provides a communal space for homeschoolers to educate and socialize in a relaxed group environment. 


This fall LYNX Art Academy created curriculum for HCHC students that introduced them to a variety of artistic elements, theories, styles, and artists. They worked on improving their technical abilities when it comes to drawing, shading, and coloring. Art does not always have to look like something we are familiar with, students explored this idea by creating abstract art and using the method of drawing by chance. Students were made aware of their artworks composition and how to use negative space. They also learned about color theory and how to incorporate different color schemes into their drawings.

For more information in HCHC Academy and their available courses please visit their website by following the link below. 

Student Showcase & Art in the Park Pop Up

Student Showcase

Please enjoy LYNX Art Academy's gallery including pictures from our first curated Student Showcase as well as photos from our Art in the Park Pop Up. We are very proud of all of our students hard work and all of the beautiful artwork they have produced over the last few months. Thank you to all of the families for making our first year so successful. 

Art in the Park Pop Up

It was a pleasure to work with such a talented group of artists during our Art in the Park Pop Up. Together we put on a great show, displaying a variety of amazing artwork, listening to good music, and creating good conversation with our wonderful guests and fellow artists. Please take a moment to check out the participating artists bios by clicking the button below and be sure to follow us on social media to stay tuned for future events and shows!

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