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Welcome to LYNX Art Academy. We offer a variety of classes that are designed to encourage confidence and artistic expression. At LAA there is no limitation to creativity.


Drawing and Painting

Students will learn how to use different drawing and painting mediums including: graphite pencils, colored pencils, pens, markers, water colors and acrylics. Each class will be based off of a theme such as color theory, the use of light, shading, and concept.

Comic Book Making

Over an eight week course, students will complete weekly projects to learn the process of comic book making. The course includes script writing, character design, storyboarding, as well as the history and layout of the original 22 page floppy comic book, zines, graphic novels, web comics, and comic strips. Through honing these skills throughout the course, students will create their own comic book with the option of having it printed upon completion.

Color Explosion

The use of color in art is a powerful expressive tool that can evoke strong emotions and make work more enticing. Every week students will complete a project exploring elements of color theory. Throughout the course, students will be free to express themselves however they wish, whether they want to create more figurative (realistic) work or abstract (distorted) work.

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